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With the timing belt, the synchronization between the camshaft and the movement of the valves is guaranteed due to the revolution of the crankshaft and the movement of the cylinders. The timing belt is a component of the vehicle that we typically forget to give consideration to. Timing belts are generally long lasting and therefore you may neglect getting them looked at over time. Regardless, it is extremely important to screen the condition of the timing belt and change it when you notice any issues. The timing belt helps your engine to run efficiently and you don't want to take any chances of more issues occurring. Genuine problems can occur due to a broken timing belt. There are several different signs that might start to show up to indicate that your timing belt is wearing out. You might start to hear loud noises coming from under the hood of your vehicle that indicate a misaligned timing belt or one that has worn out. You can look at your belt to see if any ribs are pulling apart or fraying occurring on the surface. Get an OEM replacement timing belt here at Mercedes Benz Parts Shop.

Engine Crankshaft Main Bearing Cap Bolt
Part Number: 000000-001810
Options: Upper
Other Names: Belt Tensioner Mount Bolt, Timing Cover Bolt, Screw More Names
Replaces: 001-990-55-22
Description: Threads Into Bottom of Main Bearing Cap. 8 x 75mm. To 01/03/2012. 2.3L, upper. To 12/30/2011. 1.8L, m8x75. More Info
MSRP $3.80
MSRP $3.80

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